Bunny Girl Senpai’s Junrei at Enoshima

During the holday trip to Japan, I went to Enoshima to exlore the area. Here’s some pictures I took, which are the Bunny Girl Senpai sets in real life.

Bakery in Fujisawa Station where Mai get ignored.

Enoden line near Kamakura-Koko-Mae Station where Sakuta chasing the train in the OP.

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Chaliapin steak don

A couple days ago I saw some recipes from Shokugeki no Soma and noticed this Chaliapin steak don only requires steak and onion which I happened have both at home. Also, it is quite easy to cook, so I tried to cook this myself.

I don’t have pickled plum, so the rice is just plain rice. Besides, I’m too lazy to season the steak for half an hour. It still tastes good though.

Chaliapin steak don