These are the projects I developed.

Buy All Steam Games
How much does it cost to buy all steam games?
PHP, Laravel | Apr 2017 | Github
A Bootstrap WordPress theme.
PHP, WordPress | Nov 2015 | Github
Userscripts I’ve been using. use at your own risk.
Javascript | Sep 2015 | Github
A command line 2048 game.
Java | July 2015 | Github
Video Annotation System
Video Annotation System is a web based annotation tools to easily mark video segment, frame and object annotations.
Java, Spring | Oct 2014 | Github
A command line Othello game.
Java | May 2014 | Github
Foyue Extension
A chrome extension to encode/decode text.
JavaScript | Apr 2014 | Chrome Store |Github
A jquery plugin to convert text in jquery element to title case.
JavaScript | Mar 2014 | Github
Guess Number
A game to guess a 4 digit secret number.
JavaScript | Mar 2013 | Github